Monday, 18 June 2018

Day 168/365: Revisit Saturday... Saturday should have been

It is that time of the term, there is no escaping it. Marking dominates all. So today it was a case of let's try Saturday all over again without the glasses bit (and the spares are now in the office should it ever happen again). 

So off I went, same bus, same train, same office, Different class for grading. Done. Finally. And that was the day. 

Oh the exciting life of an expatriate. 

Summer fruits

Shy fruit

Still green


Also fallen


Branched fruit


masked leaf

On the walk back to the station, I stopped to notice the little things, just to clear the head for the week ahead...that takes some time when you are done with the marking for another term. 

[Camera : iPhone8, 6.05pm-6.10pm; 17 June 2018] 

Day 167/365: Getting the day back on track...

...when things don't go quite to plan

Saturday. It should have been the first clarinet rehearsal in a few weeks. It is also two days before the first term grades about battle between the heart and head. 

So head said 'grades' because all the meetings over the last few weeks meant I haven't done quite enough to get the grades done by Monday and also reminded me that all those meetings and long days meant, to be honest, I probably didn't have the physical will to cart that bass clarinet case all the way to the studio...

So on the bus, and within 35 seconds realised I left my glasses at home. These would be the glasses I need to read the essays and enter the marks I was heading off to do instead of playing the is also a sign of ageing too I suppose. 


View of the passing traffic

Both ends

Fragrance button please

Outside the door of the building

Budding, see you tomorrow

Last week's hydrangeas today

Intense colours




All of which is why I was delayed by an hour looking for those cheap emergency reading glasses at the train station (yes, those ones that you see everywhere went you don't need them but for the life of everything cannot find when you need them), and eating lunch at 2.45pm. 

Got to work, finished one of the classes grades but more to come. That's probably tomorrow sorted. 

[Camera : iPhone8, 2.43pm-2.58pm, 6.33pm-6.35pm; 16 June 2018] 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Day 166/365: Being theatrical...

...well, not literally

Another meeting (another near miss by a few minutes of delays--see yesterday), a few classes, another meeting and then a dash across town to see a student perform in a production of Snow White. Not hard to guess what was the most exciting part of the day...

The theatre group is called 'tremendous circus', all the actors and production staff are young people and they take -- how can I describe this -- a gothic, anime, grunge approach to re-interpreting traditional fairy tales, stripping them back to their origins and building in an overlay of contemporary Japanese social issues...

On the way to the theatre

Suginami-ku's sister cities including Willoughby

I've been here before

Down the back streets on the way to the theatre

Yep, Snow White...

...worth seeing? Most definitely. This was my second visit, this time it was Snow White...but not as you've ever seen it before. Unfortunately but understandably, no photos allowed during the production, but gee, I'd like to be let loose with the big cam one day. Fantastic.

[Camera : iPhone8, 6.45pm-6.48pm; 15 June 2018]

Day 165/365: Not flapping around...

...but not wanting to be late

The thing about relying on public transport for work is that you can plan your trip, right down to the connections, to get there in time...

...until there is a hold up. And that has been happening a fair bit lately. One of the legs of my daily trip is one train going through 23 stations. Some days, it seems to delay its run by about 15-30 seconds at teach station...and when you add that up it can make all the difference between making the connection you intended or ... 

I should be this relaxed

Flat out

Stop and, no time


...waiting a few extra minutes. Some days are like that, no need to get into a flap about it. 

[Camera : iPhone8, 10.24am, 5.51pm; 14 June 2018] 

Day 164/365: Fruits of our labour?

...fallen fruits?

I noticed fruits on trees this morning. No particular reason other than they were there...

At the bus stop


The fallen

Perhaps there is a metaphor in there somewhere for my work...ripe to fallen, time to get on with doing something more productive? 

I'll have to think about that. 

[Camera : iPhone8, 9.02am , 10.33am; 13 June 2018] 

Day 163/365: Clouds rolling through..., really

And after a day in the west, it is back to portside for...why yes, more meetings as we work our way through a whole-of-university review. 

But not before a walk to the bus stop...

Bug on yellow

Into the centre

Red on white

Rolling in

All around

An hour later, looling like a Tim Storrier painting

One of the advantages of my office is I get a good look at the weather. These clouds didn't turn into anything to fierce, not as fierce as the looked at least. But is still served as a reminder about the rather odd and unseasonable weather we are having...and so it goes...on and on. 

[Camera : iPhone8, 8.45-8.47am, 4.48pm, 5.47pm; 12 June 2018] 

Day 162/365: Back to work...

...western campus

It started with an exec meeting in the morning, branched into two sub-committees in the day and finished with a seminar on Tibetan Buddhism in the evening. 

That's how we can roll on a Monday in this job. 

A little bit of time in between to smell the, er, hydrangeas...

A spot of rain

Topiary plus




...and shade

Not sure they actually have a fragrance but they are at their most photogenic this week. 

[Camera : iPhone8, 4.29pm-4.31pm; 11 June 2018]