Saturday, 31 December 2016

Day 366 2016: deja vu all over again...

Day 366: ...or the bonus day of project 365

So, we have arrived at the end of the year, the end of the project. Perhaps there should be photos of fireworks. And I'm sure, in other places, there will be, plenty. 

Rather, today was a quiet day, like yesterday, where one is supposed to be in 'holiday' mode, relax mode, do as little as possible mode. Such was my day. It was a lot like yesterday...







Hose in the distance

Reflected trunks

Watching, again


Reflected artefact

Another day, another feather

Light capture


And a little more experimentation of camera sans waterproof casing...a little risky but, what's life without the odd risk or two? Sometimes, it is just me and my craft, pushing the limits a little bit more.

And finally, to you, dear reader, a big thank you for coming along the way for another 365 plus one bonus day journey through 2016. Your readership is most appreciated. 

Now, turn the page for 2017...yes? no? perhaps?

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.14pm-3.31pm; 31 December 2016]

Friday, 30 December 2016

Day 365 2016: Poolside...

Day 365: ...nothing else matters

Day 365 of a 366-day project. We are almost there (although we also learnt today there will be an extra second tomorrow; I guess that makes it project 365/6 +1). But today, the second last day of the year was for, well, the usual sorts of tasks--licence renewal, banking, shopping, birthday lunches...oh, and swimming. It is summer. And when the beach is crowded and blown out, luckily there is a pool to play in. 

And play I did. A little risky perhaps taking a camera, without a waterproof casing into a pool...but always willing to try new things...

Watching over the pool

Look up

look out!



Surface effects

Surface, under/over

Reflected buddha


Stepping out

...and the camera survived and the water was refreshing. And now I think I want proper waterproof casing for my next set of water adventures...

We'll see, perhaps next year. That's not too far away, now.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 4.34pm-4.45pm; 30 December 2016]

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Day 364 2016: We're almost there...

Day 364: ...although we didn't get very far today

There was a plan, a bit of a run around doing all the things one must do on a brief return home. But the plan was disturbed a bit by visitors and family and helping to complete some work around the house, as you do.

So today was basically another quietish sort of do very little day. Except the frangipanis are out. And with no apologies,  they rate up there as one of my favourite flowers to photograph. Friends on instagram have been posting the frangis in all there glory for the past few weeks. 

Light and frangi




Reaching for the sky


Green sculpture

So I beg your indulgence, dear reader, if today is a kind of frangipani extravaganza...I have missed them and they were just there.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.39pm-3.46pm; 29 December 2016, two days left of our 2016 project]

Day 363 2016: It is all about the light...

Day 363: ...and the heat

Travelling from one climatic extreme to the other makes for...tricky clothing choices basically. All rugged up for travel in Tokyo one minute and then shedding all for Brisbane heat the next (well, over the course of an eight-and-a-half flight)...

Such is the case travelling form winter to summer (and the vice-versa too of course). But not withstanding that, one thing the photographic eye is most sensitive to in Australia is the light. 

light and shadow

Pool shapes

Light and green

Pool surface

Blue sky and cloud smatterings

hello there

And so it was, first day back for a visit and the sun and the light and the heat all stood out on this lovely summer's day...with a late bonus visit from a blue-eyed honeyeater. 

That's the other thing I miss...the birds.

Nice to be back.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 2.51pm-2.54pm, 5.22pm; 28 December 2016]

Day 362 2016: the waiting...

Day 362: ...the patience

Living in Japan teaches you a lot about patience, forbearance, waiting. It is not a bad thing really. It can be quite calming in some ways...

And so it is today. Flying out of the country means leaving home with enough time to catch the train to catch the bus to get the plane. A 7.30pm departure from the airport usually means an 11.00am departure from home, just to be on the safe side really. 

Being the time of year that it is, I also planned to leave a little earlier in order to catch an earlier bus, just to be on the safe side really. 

Turned out the earlier bus was full so I had to get my usual 3.00pm bus which meant waiting around just that little bit longer than planned...

What to do?

Lunch time

Coffee, foreground, and makings of an affogato in the background

Much ice cream, very little coffee

Passing observation 1

Passing observation 2

Passing observation 3

Passing observation 4

Passing observation 6

From the bus window


A quick and sneaky pic of the Skytree

Why, sit in a nearby coffee shop of course and observe the world go by...and sometimes, such enforced stopping to smell the coffee (and ham and cheese toastie) is not such a bad thing.

Up, up and away. Eventually.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 1.38pm-2.05; 4.03pm-4.32pm; 27 December 2016]

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Day 361 2016: The busy-ness and the calm...

Day 361: ...last teaching day of the year

Today was the last day of teaching for the calendar year. We return in two weeks to finish off the academic teaching year. That means two weeks to catch up with a lot of work that goes by the wayside when teaching is in full force (especially when teaching new courses for the first time...). 

It also means, for some, a lightning quick trip home for some belated Christmas greetings. Very quick. 

A very busy moment 

Dreamy cloud day

Light effects

When I return, I have an article to submit for our faculty research journal, two conference papers to prepare, assignments to mark, more classes to prepare...

You get the picture. A friend commented with envy about the 'holidays' academics get...then I started on my list of things to do before the academic year is done (that is in March by the way). Envy withdrawn. 

Academia, a combination of the busy-ness and the calm, just like scenes from today's port. 

Bye port, stay calm, I'll be back next week/year.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 9.18am, 2.41pm-2.42pm; 26 December 2016, Boxing Day in some parts, work in others]