Saturday, 31 October 2015

Day 304 2015: We need to walk about something...

Day 304: ... and talk, at the same time.


Day started with one of those appliance repair jobs that took less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee (I was drinking a cup of coffee for testing purposes) and cost as much as a return ticket to Melbourne...grrr.

As I sat contemplating life over a second cup of coffee, I remembered the welcome to refugees and asylum seeker event that was to be held in Brisbane this morning. I had put it out of my mind thinking I'd still be waiting for aforemetioned appliance to be fixed. But no, plenty of time. 

Then, existential question to self: do I attend these events because I share the concerns and aspirations of the organisers and participants or, do I see this as an easy photo opportunity, a diversion from roses and frangipanis? 

Posters spoke...

Puppies spoke...

Crowds (about 2000) listened...

Former refugee, now Dr Homa Forotan, spoke of her life escaping Afghanistan
Sitting in front of the Yayoi Kusama public artwork, Supreme Court forum

Fabulous young artists, Laurette N James

...made us dance

...made us listen

The Imam from Holland Park Mosque

Onlookers, long walkers

And so we must

It is hard to split the difference sometimes I suppose, suffice to say I do, deep down, want a kinder, better, more generous society and...

I guess I want to record these moments in our collective stories. We always need to talk about these things, and today, we showed we could even walk and talk (and even sing and dance) at the same time...

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 28-80mm, 11.41am-12.53pm]

Friday, 30 October 2015

Day 303 2015: Friday, beach, chips...

Day 303: ...nothing else matters. 

Finally, after thirteen years, I get into the habit I promised myself thirteen years ago. 'You're working on the Sunshine can go to the beach, almost daily...maybe...perhaps...'

OK, so it didn't work out like that. The life of an academic commuting 200km a day, early starts, late finishes...etc. Made it all very difficult. More recently I have been making the effort however, each Friday, at the end of the day. 

Today was a little earlier, it was the last day of teaching so next week is just marking...




And then we'll be done with that and moving on to writing and thinking...

writing and thinking...

thinking and writing...

writing and thinking...

But this afternoon, it was about the rocks, the waves, the low tide...oh, and a dog or two.

On the rocks

Ripple effect

rock : pool : rock

Cloud : surreal

Who has got the ball?

Wave : goodbye

It is a late start to a fine tradition, but I'll do what I can between now and Jan. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 75-300mm, 5.02pm-5.09pm]

Day 302 2015: Staring down your fears...

Day 302: ...flying into the known unknowns

Or something. Actually, that is less metaphorical and actually quite actual. When I got out to the lake this evening, it was a bit late and getting a bit dark and, damn it, right in my path were two plovers, or masked lapwings as apparently they prefer to be called. I don't know, I don't care, I'd take 100 noisy miners over a pair of plovers any day. 

It is partly a childhood spent on farm land dangers and basically, I just don't like the way they dive and squeal and basically menace anyone who is simply walking along minding their own business. 

So the best way to deal with them is to confront them yes? Even better, with the flick of a dial and can make them blur out and leave me focussed on the ripples on the surface...

Fade to grey
Or looking at the colours and lines in the evening sky...


Or flying into the unknown... 

Into the ...

Today was my second last day of teaching here, tomorrow is my last. I am flying off and away to other places...a bit like the ibis...into something. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 75-300mm, 5.53pm-5.59pm]

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Day 301 2015: I get by...

Day 301: ...with a little help from my friends

Well, at least so said the lori this morning. Put his 'hand' up early on. And it might be something we can all think about.

The photos that end up here are never really planned. There might be a 'plan' in as much as 'today there is an event at South Bank, I might go there...' or 'this arvo I have my walk between the break between classes and a late finish' where I usually expect to take a pic or three by the lake. But sometimes it helps to be even less planned and flick to the shutter whenever. 

Like this morning, just as I was about to leave, there was a visit from one of the loris. They haven't been around all that much of late given all the gum blossoms available for them. I don't like to offer the seed when there is natural food around. 

But along came one this morning and we were getting on quite well. Scratch. pose, click, click, pose etc for a couple of minutes when a friend flew in for a bit of that 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'...

Hands up, for a little help

I would but, I'm resting hiding

Watcha lookin' at?


Put your head on
my shoulder....

I can do this with my eyes closed

Allow me to return the favour

In sync

A little closer?
That's all folks

It always good to have friends to help out. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 75-300mm, 7.54pm-8.02pm]

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Day 300 2015: One day a pelican...

Day 300: day...'what's that Skip?'

Day 300. Look at that would you. Hardly seems like 300 days on this project. My, how it goes so quickly.

So when the swan had its star turn, I was left to follow up with something like the pelicans. And after yesterday's pelicans, I thought the lake life at work might seem a little still, despite the approaching storm today. 

But off I went nonetheless for my afternoon walk. 

And the kangas didn't let me down. A bit of eye to eye first...

Sizing up...

Who you lookin' at?

But then all settled, they resumed their eating and I noticed a misplaced lily, I've not see one of those in this part of the lake before. And I do like them. 

A bit out of place

And then, after the storm, after some more marking, and after a walk back to the car again, the moon appeared briefly, up and over the clouds but with a slight veil remaining after the rain. 

A slightly veiled moon

Day 300. Hard to imagine there are only 65 days left to go. This year. This project.

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 75-300mm, 5.02pm, 5.04pm, 5.09pm; 7.22pm]

Monday, 26 October 2015

Day 299.5 2015: Once there was swan's way...

Day 299.5: ...and then there is pelican's way

Yes indeed, dear reader, today is a 0.5 bonus day because, in fact there are 140 photos to choose from and I find it very difficult to choose sometimes. Like today. One of the pelicans was busy diving, preening, splashing about in the passage and ended up on the sand (mud) bank. 

Put on a show all of its own...worthy of its own gallery: 

Splish, splash I was taking a bath


Step up...



Lift off

Land (ouch, that mud is hot)

The Pelly-Can Dance

In a flap

dry those wings

Just a minute or two but so much pleasure in the viewing (unless it was in some discomfort...which I hope it wasn't).

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 75-300mm, 11.52am-11.54am]

Day 299 2015: Anything a swan can do...

Day 299: ... a pelican (or three) will try to do better

So finally, three weeks later, medical appointments proceeded as expected. Pretty grim in itself but the upside is that it is close to the bay...and the bay means water...

...and the water means birds. And it's not the university lake (more of that later this week no doubt). 

After the two hour procedure, it is important to rest and recuperate and what better way to do so than by watching the birds. Pelicans in particular. By the Wynnum Jetty. 

So it started with what I like to think of as a Sea Eagle but is
technically a Brahminy Kite

And then the pelicans showed their stuff

Walk this way...
(yes, I think there is some fishing line stuck there)

Someone to watch over me...him...her...

Ah, bay scene

Jetty wall

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no...oh, too late


Taking flight

Under the watchful eyes

Today's pelicans (and others) helped put all of life's worries in perspective. Soothed the soul.

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 75-300mm, 11.31am-11.53am]