Saturday, 23 December 2017

Day 356, 22 Dec 2017: Powering into the weekend...

Day 356: ...leaving nothing in my wake

The end of the week approaches. The end of the month approaches. And in that special December-only way, the end of the year approaches. Although only in that special Japanese way, we mean the end of the calendar year for the academic, financial and all the other twelve month periods that begin in April and end in March. 

But that is a minor detail. December it is and there is barely one week left and in that time I will have finished a class (Monday*) and fly on a plane (also Monday*) to a place a fair way away. I've also managed to recover from the early morning interference on Monday, it is just onwards and upwards. (Keen observers will have noted Monday is Christmas Day, yes, I'm working and flying then...)

The port had a similar energy this morning, though I'm sure it continues to work all year around (though possibly not on New Years, who knows).

I also met up with a colleague over a possible translation project to begin next year and the connections we have weaving back over quarter of a century of Japan-Australia relations make a fascinating true-story script...but no-one would believe it.

Smooth run




Park 0, structure 1

We might write about that, one day. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 1.36pm, 2.53pm, 3.43pm: 22 December 2017]