Sunday, 11 February 2018

Day 40/365: That went quickly...

...amazing what a few forms will do

With marking done, the mind turns to the non-teaching part of the job. Research trips. Today involved a little of that and this in getting a quick trip to Wakayama organised for next week. The trip is quick, three days; the forms take much longer to organise. Well, that might be a small exaggeration but not really. 

And so because I'm catching up with colleagues, it meant detouring via the coffee shop to get them some coffee, then back to the travel agent to get tickets and the various things needed for a cross-country trip. 

The yellow one comes in

When in the coffee shop...actual lamington sampled in Tokyo

The day seemed to be over before it started...

But I will remember to check the battery in the camera before I go.

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 2.43pm, iPhone6s, 2.55pm; 9 February 2018]