Monday, 26 February 2018

Day 56/365: A hard day's cleaning...

...deserves a gyoza or two

No grand adventures today. Rather, the household opted for a big tidy up day, top to bottom. We have very important visitors arriving later in the week so now is as good a time as ever to get on the cleaning bug. 

Bit of a clean, bit of a tidy and also a good excuse to reorganise a few things. Pleasantly surprised that after almost two years here, I haven't really accumulated too much junk. I'm being pretty prudent I have to say in deciding what stays and what goes as I travel along during this stay in Tokyo. (Now, my office might be a different matter...everything has 'potential teaching material written on it...)

And of course, after a 'hard' day's sorting, there is only one reward...

For starters...

The gyoza

Beer bubbles

Soup, for good measure

Some of the most spectacular gyoza I've had the good fortune to eat (and gyoza, I've eaten a few). Spotted on tv the other night, we opted to walk the ten minutes down the road to one of the outlets. If gyoza be the reward, you can give me cleaning any-day (well, almost). 

[Camera: iPhone6s, 6.50pm-7.19pm; 25 February 2018]