Monday, 12 February 2018

Day 43/365: Another day...

...another play...

Back in Brisbane, I was a longstanding subscriber to the state theatre company. I also went along to several of the other theatre groups around town as time and interest in the productions allowed. Now you would expect I'd be at the theatre every minute of the day in Tokyo if I could. Theatre, theatre everywhere, along with concert halls, my other form of entertainment. 

But somehow, I just haven't quite got into that habit. It is proof that subscriptions are good go. Today was the Monday public holiday to make up for yesterday's actual public holiday (Foundation Day, of sorts). I also have a student who joined the theatre club when he started at the uni and he has expanded his interests and joined a local community group. He invited me to today's performance of Salome by Oscar Wilde. Why not. Happy to support my students in their arts endeavours. 

Salome is pretty heaving going. Written in French by Wilde, then translated into English and here was I in a small suburban theatre/studio watching an anime-inspired performance in Japanese translation. ...


Detail 1


A surprise

An apple


Happy birthday

Unrelated shapes

Salome program and script

The performers

Good on them, a great troupe, all young people, all very enthusiastic and committed to their art. 

I took a moment on the way back to the station to admire the sculpture by Tsuda Hiroko, 'Happy Birthday'. it looked kind of familiar...and of course she is the artists behind 'Pause' at the National Parliamentary Library, one of my very favourites here in Tokyo. Turns out, she grew up in this area of Tokyo hence the prominence of this piece out side the council building. Her work is exquisite. 

Such a great way to spend the day...before the work begins again tomorrow. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 3.27pm-3.29pm; 12 February 2018]