Friday, 16 February 2018

Day 45/365: Making the world better... seminar at a time

People think when the classes finish and the marks are done we just all sit back take in the scenery. No, not quite. Today I joined colleagues at Wakayama University for a seminar on working in the academy. Wakayama Uni (where I have a visiting research fellowship) has a strong and growing tourism research centre. That was the focus of today's seminar. 

I contributed a little bit from the perspective of political science. 

Of course, after all the talk, one is obliged to participate in the special dinner organised for the special overseas guests...things one must do. 

Seminar program

Wrap-up panel

Evening approaches

Favourite campus building (the Tourism faculty) 


Sunset cloud

Branching out


Against the sky

Another angle 

Cook yourself skewers ready-to-go

Like this...

A touch of sukiyaki

The soup

And a final sorbet

To the back alleys of Wakayama

...where an entrepreneurial fellow has transformed an old area...

...into a trendy 'old-is-the-new-new' drinking and eating precinct

This restaurant had that special knack of managing to trick you into believing cooking your own food there in front of you was a special honour...well no-one starved at least. 

Back to work tomorrow.

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 5.28pm-5.37pm, iPhone 6s, 4.09pm, 4.33pm, 7.12pm-8.58pm, 11.18pm; 14 February 2018]