Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Day 50/365: Back in the office...

...the work continues

The only difference is that the corridors are rather empty. I have a few articles to plan, conference papers to submit, a commentary or two due to complete. Oh, and a couple of responses to student appeals on their grades...follow the simple instructions, you'll get the marks you believe you deserve. I have to say, I never had the courage to question any grades I received, even when the didn't add up to what I expected. I always just put it down to poor performances in exams. (Turns out, I found out much later, I should have queried some but that time is long past...) I did ask how I could improve my work, but that was never in a challenging way. 

Ah, the young people. 

So work continued, the scenes outside continued but at least I got to put my newly acquired cup and mug to good use. 

Sky art

Yellow tugger, keeps on going

Coffee tastes different in a new mug

Beer is better in pottery

A good test run for many a beverage to come I suspect. 

[Camera : iPhone 6s, 12.17pm, 6.17pm, 10.12pm; Canon EOS M5, 2.17pm; 19 February 2018]