Thursday, 1 February 2018

Day 31/365: Just in case...'s a spare

Much excitement in the photographic community all over the world today. Full moon, blue moon, blood moon and lunar eclipse, all in one. Clouds are forecast for Tokyo however, and I'll be either at work or commuting underground when the main action happens...what to do?

Last time this sort of thing happened was in 2014. By sheer coincidence, I was photographing the moon in Brisbane, my friend was photographing in Tokyo and later we got to compare shots. The difference was amazing, you do see different surfaces of the moon depending on whether you are in the north or south. And I know that that is the way it is but to see it in those pics...just intriguing.

Anyway, I prepared a non-lunar pic just in case nothing came about today, tonight. There is still a bit of snow around and more on the way...

Snow lingers

And sometimes I do have that internal debate about whether to post or not to post some a lot of my pics.And I thought about this a fair bit, but despite not having the right equipment at the right time (and the moon was fairly high in the sky, out of reach even for the 300mm lens), I thought I'd post these little hints of what it was like. 

Leaving work, a bit of cloud haze

It might clear

It was a long way up there

Sinking feeling

Even down to the moon setting through the window, which is technically tomorrow's pic of the day, but all part of the same phenomenon. Besides, it was still 31 January somewhere in the world when I took it. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 1.27pm, Canon EOS M5, 8.09pm, Lumix TZ-85 (still gets the occasional workout), 10.17pm, 6.34am (1 Feb); 31 January 2018]