Sunday, 11 February 2018

Day 39/365: And we just might make it...


When one relies on public transport to get home at a reasonable hour, it curtails your time in the office. Either that, or one slogs on and opts to stay in one of the hotels nearby overnight. Trains and buses do not run all night here in Tokyo. The buses stop earlier that the trains and I have to make a number of timetable calculations when it comes to leaving at the last minute, literally. 

It was that kind of decision last night, a pile of marking that under other circumstances might be doable or quit now while there is a bus to catch and get into it tomorrow. What's one more day?

On a clear day...

All the industry

Busy port

Cranes resting

Sparkling sake to celebrate? Why yes, no I shouldn't have. Some things are not meant to sparkle

it's not too late to eat, is it?

So, quit I did, and then I was back. And then it was done. And then, back to 'celebrate' the end. There was a staff meeting interspersed which delayed the inevitable upload by three hours, but such is the #academiclife.

And yes, it is done. I will do better next time (I tell myself every time, some habits can't be broken).

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 12.30pm, 2.55pm, 4.22pm; iPhone6s, 10.28pm; 8 February 2018]