Friday, 16 February 2018

Day 44/365: A most majestic moment...

...on the way to a seminar

With marking done, public holidays over, it is back to work. Except this time, not to the office, but down south, to Wakayama. That means a  trip on the shinkansen, the original very fast train. And on a fine morning, you might see Mt Fuji. ...

And we did. Even the seating goddesses were kind enough to seat me on the right side of the train to get a fairly good view.

A little cloud

Over the top

Settling in

Obligatory lunch pic

And with that, no more pics could better that view today. It is unusual to get such a clear view of the mountain. More often that not it is cloudy or rainy. It is a nice bonus, on the way to work.

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 11.16am-11.18am, iPhone 6s, 11.24am; 13 February 2018]