Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Day 52/365: It has arrived...

...and sounds proper

So today was the day. The bass clarinet arrived. Actually, it arrived last week, while I was out of Tokyo on a work trip, just as I expected it would. And then the shop closed for five days...

So today was the first chance I had to go and collect it.

There is a question for all expats I suppose, just how much are you willing to get involved in local communities, local activities outside your work sphere, particularly when there is a limit on your time in country. I suppose when it comes to community, I practice what I teach and try to get involved. And as you will know, dear reader, music is pretty important to me. One of the hardest things about leaving Brisbane was taking leave from my bands...

I sold up all my instruments before I left, the thought of them sitting idle for five years was a bit hard, and not right for them either. I expected at some time to get involved in another group here in Tokyo at some time. And as you might recall that happened last December, not long after I ordered the new clarinet, which turned out it was going to take three months to get here...

Here's a few unpacking pics. 

One of those annoying people with a big case on the subway

Here we go...




Big shiny bell

Altogether now

All the keys

That bell

Top down
And notwithstanding we've had one small concert already, now I can turn up with my own instrument, purchased, practiced and, with a little more work, ready to go. I mean, it is ready to go, it is in fine just needs a little breaking in, I need to get used to it and it to me. 

We're in for a fine time and it is nice to have something to do outside the usual (long) work hours. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 2.32pm, 4.59pm, Canon EOS M5, 4.14pm-4.44pm; 21 February 2018]