Monday, 26 February 2018

Day 54/365: Are we 'lost' without a timetable?

...and other academic questions

Today was just like any other...yesterday. Get up, get to work, work, go home, rinse, repeat. And without a timetable it takes a little while to adjust to a different (virtually no) schedule. And just when you get used to life without a timetable, it comes around again all too soon...but I am jumping ahead about seven weeks in advance, there is much to do in-between. 

I did have to go via a shop to avail myself of additional bass clarinet accoutrements ready for tomorrow's rehearsal, and I do appreciate that we have that time at the moment to do so. 

But then it was back to the office, more writing, more reading, more preparation of grant applications...oh, and a meeting or two thrown in just to spice up the day a bit. 

Then it was back along the promenade, back along the train track, back on the bus...back home. 

Taking a less travelled path... the station

Iconic shop has re-opened after three days of renovations


At least I have tomorrow's rehearsal to look forward to.

[Camera : iPhone6s, 7.47pm, 7.53pm, 9.27pm; 23 February 2018]