Thursday, 1 June 2017

Day 152, 1 Jun 2017: Everything to scale...

Day 152: ...and craning to be noticed

It rained on the way to work, while I was on the subway, so that is not so bad. What you don't know about won't hurt etc. The rain has an interesting effect on the water on the port, an interesting colour palette. It was a background that seemed to make everything look small today too, or perhaps, as I thought about it, more to scale. 

I often take pics on the port using the zoom on the little cam. Today seemed to ask for another approach. The result, I think, is an interesting look at the scale of the various vessels vis-a-vis the the port itself...

At the bus stop : big fly, small flowers?

Surface texture

Lil yella, looking very little


This crane...

Birds v cables

...until late in the day when I caught sight of a newish crane across the way. Big. Very big. Later on, it was being guided across the port by a couple of tugs but regrettably I was in a meeting on the top floor--perfect photo spot, just bad timing--sans camera. It was big, I will be looking out for it again soon.

Big. Really big. Almost bigly...

[Camera : iPhone6s, 8.44am; Lumix TZ-85, 10.44am, 10.57am, 11.38am, 4.08pm-4.09pm; 1 June 2017]