Monday, 5 June 2017

Day 156, 5 Jun 2017: It's in the bag!

Day 156:, what's in the bag?

Working through submissions and chapters today, along with thinking about this week's lessons. One class winds up for first term, the others continue. 

Today was also supposed to be a fine day, although the clouds in the distance did seem to tell a different story...but of course, we put our trust in the Weather Bureau, they said no rain. Heh, no. Down it came around 6.00pm and continued through until the walk to the station. We are approaching the rainy season but even so...

Which brings me to the port. Usually, the cargo ships load and unload cargo in those large containers. Today was bags. Loads of them. I wondered what was in them...


two by two

Into the clouds

But wait, there's more



Almost done

Clear, job done, in the bag, as it were

Their job done, all unloaded, all dispatched. In the bag, as it were. Whereas, my job just keeps going. 
(Wool, I did think for a moment, they could be bales of wool. What do you reckon dear reader?)

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.01pm-3.03pm, 3.44pm, 4.36pm, 5.36pm; 5 June 2017]