Saturday, 17 June 2017

Day 167, 16 Jun 2017: Keeping an eye on things...

Day 167: (or two) lenses at a time

Righto. End of the week. Grades deadline for all practical purposes (not actually until Sunday...). Conference paraphernalia to finalise. Oh, and two classes to squeeze in. Some days. Really. 

Thus the chances of seeing something of interest outside are pretty minimal on days like this. Unless, when I glance outside, I spot a lens...

Sizing up



Done, almost

Flight path

It is not uncommon to see the precinct used for all manner of things--films, docos, advertisements, photo shoots of all kinds. Just sometimes I'd like to be down on ground level to see just what al the fuss is about. 

One day, perhaps. When I'm brave enough.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.49pm-3.52pm, 4.13pm, 5.20pm; 16 Jun 2017]