Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day 159, 8 Jun 2017: All light and shade...

Day 159: ...and new things to come

Last day of term for one of my classes today. We've been studying a text about community and political science. It is always interesting to get to the end of the book and the class and hear from the students--what they understood, what they gained from it, what they plan to do in the future as a result of reading the book. 

It mostly went quite well, most students found positives, found new thinkers and writers to study, new ideas to consider. 

I was pleased with the outcome for the most part. There will always be those students who try and put one over you but, years of doing this means you soon recognise that. 

And so it was with some new sights on the port today, and some more familiar. 

I have no particular reason to have been briefly fascinated with the bridge today other than the way the sunlight and cloud moved across the arches and changed the light and colour. Purely photographic interest you understand dear reader. 

And a new research ship means new tender boats as well...again, just in passing.

New tender

All attending

The span

Then the light

Across the other side

And back

And forth

Moon and clouds

Clouds : moon : plane

Cloud cover

And finally the moon. We're almost at another full moon, a comforting, old-fashioned measure of time, before we were ruled by minutes and seconds, terms and semesters and timetables. 


[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 10.52am, 11.57am, 3.48pm-3.49pm, 5.26pm, 6.42pm-6.43pm; 8 June 2017]