Sunday, 11 June 2017

Day 162, 11 Jun 2017: Roll up, roll up...

Day 162: ...see what we have to offer

Or, if it is Sunday it must be a beach work day. Fellow academics will know, every year we have to turn out to open days, put on by campuses to show prospective students and increasingly their parents just what it is we have to offer. Many unis run several of these days over the next few months as high school students begin to make their decisions about which university entrance exams to take. 

Today was out at the other campus, at Musashino, where, yes dear reader, I head to from time to time for various uni-related engagements. 

Today, after we'd packed up, I headed down to Inokashira Park. Last time I visited was a Monday, just post the cherry blossom highlights. Nonetheless, I thought it worth another venture...

I took a different path this time...and the people!! 

Will it land?

Yes it did



Real spider, fake log


Wash, rinse...





This one was special, attracting a lot of attention from birdwatchers


Roof and fountain

Piano memorial to a local composer

Sunday traffic


Not surprisingly, being Sunday, the place was packed, well, compared with that Monday a couple of months ago. But it had its own energy and as always in these crowded places, you'll always find a quiet place or two.

Amazing really.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.58pm-4.34pm; 11 June 2017]