Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Day 164, 13 Jun 2017: On a grey day....

Day 164: ...know how to make waves

The term system adopted by the university for teaching purposes leaves little room for turnaround. In fact, between term 1 ending on Saturday and term 2 starting Monday (with open day Sunday in between), there's not really been time to finalise marks and get on with new classes much less prepare for conferences, which will happen this coming weekend. And whereas conferences were previously in a teaching break of sorts, this one will be 'just another weekend' in between classes. 

Stop. Breathe.

It is why I am grateful for the view from the office. When I need to pause, when I need to think, there is the view. And there is always something to see, even on a wet and woolly day like today. 

And it was the little boat shooting through the big ones, making waves that made for today's metaphor. 

On a clear can see more than this


Coming through the middle

And making waves, and reasonable ones at that

Through all the gloom, when it seems impossible, always know how to make waves. Seems like good advice.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 1.18pm, 1.53pm-156pm; 13 June 2017]