Friday, 16 June 2017

Day 166, 15 Jun 2017: Did someone mention tedium?

Day 166: ...when things aren't quite what they seem

Today, to be honest was a bit of 'take one load of yesterday, wash, rinse, dry, repeat'. Another round of marking, meetings, classes and conference presentation (which is just about finalised by the way, as it should be, since the presentation is on Sunday...). 

I didn't get to the gym today. I feel disappointed. I don't know how or why I became the person who laments missing a session at the gym...

The clouds today though were even more spectacular than yesterday. I am, like most people, very amateurish when it comes to things meteorological but clouds fascinate me. The clouds at the moment look like they are ready to burst, which makes sense since we are just days away from the official rainy season (nice for photos with raindrops, awful for commuting, two of my favourite/unfavourite things) ... 

On the walk to work (actually, the gym is in this building*)
*not the reason I took the photo

Ready to climb into...

Big plane, bigger cloud

Found the escape route

Such billowing, much cloud

Intrigue: lines across the surface...

and gone, minutes later


It might seem like a repeat of yesterday but those clouds and the surface of the water were sufficiently different today to get me thinking about the hows and whys of the natural order of things. 

And that can't be a bad thing now, can it.

[Camera : iPhone6S, 9.53pm; Lumix TZ-85, 3.21pm-3.24pm, 3.57pm-4.02pm, 4.28pm; 15 June 2017]