Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Day 163, 12 Jun 2017: With all the options...

Day 163: ...it is business as usual

There was that feeling on waking up this morning that a day spent at the other campus yesterday meant a day away from campus today. A day to catch up on research, reading, heading to the beach (for research purposes of course). 

But the clouds and the marking and the looming conference presentation...so it was eventually off to the office, with bonus time for the gym (what have I even become??). 

What might have been an interesting day doing other things turned out to be a routine day, business as usual. 

So it was on the port too really. No options there I guess. 

Two lil yellas

Barging through

Moving right along

Still life with boat

Across the port

Water surface

One thing about this job, there are never enough days in the week or hours in a day...we really can't afford to have a day away.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 2.43pm, 3.14pm-3.19pm, 5.19pm; 12 June 2017]