Sunday, 4 June 2017

Day 153, 2 Jun 2017: As the day goes...

Day 153: goes the day

Friday. The day I seem to have lunch about 8.00pm, after teaching, extra tutorials and of course, gym.  Or so it was today. It is full on, switching between classes, subjects and getting on top of extra admin required as the first term starts to draw to a close. 

Nonetheless, there was a nice start with the local gardens, untamed roadside bushes really with more flowers coming into view. 

And the light on the port today too was something to behold at various times.

The most interesting hydrangeas

Morning sun, morning glory

Still in the port, choppy on the bay way

Sun and the clouds

Lady beetle on the window (which needs another wash)

And so to the weekend, well, work tomorrow, then to Sunday. To Sunday, to see what there is to see. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 7.16am; Lumix TZ-85, 12.23pm, 3.43pm, 4.19pm; 2 June 2017]