Saturday, 7 April 2018

Day 96/365: The answer?

...well, something was blowin' in the wind

Back in the office, no ceremony, no speeches. Just ordinary work-a-day type stuff. Such as...

Well with classes starting next week, there are students rolls to check, readings to prepare, breathing exercises to be done. It all comes around so quickly. 

I also have to work out how I'm going to fit in all my teaching with the increased meeting load...

If I looked outside for the answers, they would have been blowing in the wind. Blowing really hard. It was one of those days where the wind rattled the windows on the tenth floor. Really hard. 

By the time I got in my afternoon walk (yes, still managing that) it was cloudy and still blowing a gale. Down by the water, it was, well, blowy.

Flotsam, of sorts

Reedy, blowy

Flotsam, of another sort

More of the same

More than rippling

Last week's cherry blossom scene, today

Light, dark, wind, ripple

Leafing through


Windy signals

The rain came eventually, not for long but a real downpour. I don't know, it is not the weather to which we are accustomed at this time of year...but then, where is it just so?

The water might be disrupted today, but calm will come again tomorrow. Or the next day. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 3.50pm-3.56pm; 6 April 2018]