Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Day 155/365: Snap happy...

...or just snap

Some days, the pics just happen; no theme, no rhyme, no reason. Starting with the majestic vacant house in the neighbourhood, I'd realised I'd snapped more than the usual quota by the time I reached the bus stop. Just random little things noticed along the way.

Some days are like that.

I'd like to go inside this house one day

Black cat

Another hydrangea

Pigeon, heading to...?

A fine view

Probably just as well. Another day of meetings and administrivia followed, making a venture beyond the office confines a little difficult today. 

Still, a lovely sunny day (though I'd rather be surfing --- see yesterday).

[Camera : iPhone8, 9.45am-9.47am, 11.28am, 4.04pm; 4 June 2018]