Saturday, 9 June 2018

Day 156/365: Purple patch... just can't walk past

It is the season of rain, it is also the season of precedes the other, one is an indicator of the other, I just can't recall the proper order and let's face it, the seasons are so out of whack, all the old rules are pretty much out the window. 

The hydrangeas of my childhood memory were all the same colour: blue. The petals were small. They seemed pretty nondescript garden flowers to me. 

The hydrangeas of my adulthood, on the other hand, are just spectacular. (Could be I've also matured enough to have a greater appreciation of such things. 

But the Japanese versions are as incredible as they are varied ('tis the season for hydrangeas, there will be a few pics over the next few weeks I suspect). 

Mixed palette

A purple-ish patch

The ones at the gate to the university this morning were particular speccy. In Japanese, ajisai, (紫陽花)includes the character for purple, as it happens. They are a real purple patch. 

[Camera : iPhone8, 10.40am-10.41am; 5 June 2018]