Monday, 11 June 2018

Day 159/365: Last rushed train...

...for a while anyway

Continuing yesterday's theme of last days of term one, this morning was the last day of our first-term experiment of taking a seminar on politics for first-year students, to get them thinking politics early on. ... whether or not it worked will be discussion for another day. 

What it does mean though is that I do not have anymore early-rising Fridays, teaching, dashing between campuses and hoping the trains don't delay to make it in time for classes on the other campus. 

Last view from the platform, for a while

Train incoming

All aboard

Night run

Passing in a blur

So today, I made it. That's it. Done. 

Now, for preparations for a weekend conference.

[Camera : iPhone8, 10.36am, 7.55pm; 8 June 2018]