Saturday, 9 June 2018

Day 157/365: Some days... just takes one

Some days, as this project plays out, you get that *one* shot that you know won't be bettered and somehow captures the essence of what it is to be pursuing a 'pic-a-day'. 

That happened this morning, in the neighbourhood, on the way to the bus stop...

Now this cat is particularly skittish, normally, scats as soon as I take out the cam, but not today. As I was about to take a pic of the hydrangeas (top left), it jumped up to the central spot and sat, just sat. It is as if it was playing along...

When it comes to dogs v cats, I'm more on the dog side but I was very pleased with the felines this morning. It just wan't going to get better than that. life now: meetings

We have this slide key on our office door: out, in, class, meeting--I've switched to meetings, permanently. That's all I do now.

[Camera : iPhone8, 7.20am, 7.42pm; 6 June 2018]