Monday, 11 June 2018

Day 158/365: The many views of the sun... the day goes

Thursday. Class in the middle of the day. We are approaching the end of the first term, as opposed to the first semester, which has another eight weeks to run. Today's class is a term-based one and today os the last class. Students present their final reports. 

But, before that, a two hour meeting with officials from a Chinese university to talk about exchanges, cooperation and so on. So many things to do in the new job--fascinating too to be in a room where Chines, Japanese and English language conversations flowed freely...

Shadows cast

Clouds gathering

Going down

Any wonder it wasn't until late in the day before I looked outside. Just in time to watch the sun play out the day. 

[Camera : iPhone8, 5.39pm-5.52pm, 6.47pm; 7 June 2018]