Friday, 4 May 2018

Day 123/365: A peaceful day... that combative of ways

We are in the middle of Golden Week, onto day three or day four of public holidays, depending on how you calculate it all. (For some people it is day six, but it is way to complicated to consider here...)

But today, being 3 May, is the day set aside to commemorate the promulgation of the 1947 Constitution, and particularly the peace clause. This is at the heart of my work on securing peace in East Asia...but much of that is for the other blog, and a forthcoming book. 

It does mean that, rather than have a 'holiday' as such, I get to head down to the main Tokyo rally which, as it happens, is walking distance from the campus. This is the third time I been since arriving here back in 2016. It's work, what can I say.

Community leader and political leaders spoke, small groups had their views put across, the group aiming to collect 30,000,000 announced their total thusfar...


The crowd gathers

The Greens were there

Article 9 is precious

Author and activist, publisher and bookshop owner, Ochiai Keiko


Edano, leader of the Rikken Dems

Shii, leader of the JCP

A banner moment


13,500,000 of 30, 000, 000

Banner competitions

Women for peace banner

Okinawans for peace

More entertainers

The Okinawans pressing their case

Off on the march

There is a festival atmosphere about the day while parlaying a serious message: keeping the peace clause unamended (the present government is trying its very best to make some major changes); an estimated 60,000 people turned out here, as well as thousands in 250 rallies across the country. 

It is strong symbolism, and how this converts into votes and/or convincing the present government to reconsider its constitutional reform plans...well that is the stuff of my research...and mostly for the 'other blog'.

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 1.00pm-3.51pm; 3 May 2018]