Sunday, 6 May 2018

Day 125/365: Would I lie to you...?

...would I say something that wasn't true?

[With thanks/apologies to the Eurythmics]

There comes a point in this string of public holidays where I think it is important to just stop, and rest. Really rest. Or, rest, more or less. With a pretty much doubling of my workload this year, rest sometimes is in order. And we won't have a string of days away from the office like this again until...August (when I will spend half of it flying to and from Australia...).

So today, by around 5.30pm, when I realised I hadn't been out and about to pick up today's pics, I thought about places nearby where I could dash out and take something to look like something had gone on during the day. 

But that wouldn't be a true representation of the day. 

In fact, all I really did was ... read and listen to music.

And so passed the day



And dark


And just when I was about to go, the fading sunlight through the windows caught my eye and the occasionally artistic snapper in me opted for the easier option.  

Would I lie to you?

Never. Not here anyway. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M%, 5.57pm-6.00pm; 5 May 2018]