Saturday, 5 May 2018

Day 124/365: Off to the 'burbs... search of music and legend

(and pasta)

You know how it is, you are in the midst of transferring calendar data from the old device to the new device and you see 4 May comes up blank but in the back of your mind you know there is something on (and no, I'm not a Stars Wars fan, so no, none of the laser stuff thanks)...and just when you think you can have a rest day (it is a public holiday* after all), the email incoming at 6.08am reminds you...

*It is a public holiday that had to be invented because it fell between two actual public holidays (3/5 Constitution Day and 5/5 Children's Day, formerly Boys Day) and most people took the day off anyway. It is officially 'Green Day', as in trees and the like, having been transferred from the previous Emperor's birthday 29/4, post his demise, and which was renamed Showa Day ...almost as complex as the Queens Birthday/Labour Day to-ing and fro-ing in Queensland Public Holiday politics...

Off I went to see a concert over the way in Nakano. Our Clarinet Choir maestro plays professionally and one of her orchestras had a date today. 

Now, I haven't stopped in Nakano for a while (despite it being the first place I lived in ... in... oh, 1980-something, for three hard-labour months...but that's a story for the memoir) and I think the last time I got off the train here was for an election rally by PM Abe (the 2012 election); my train passes through Nakano when I go to the other campus, on Fridays. 

So it was nice to get off the train here and in fact go to the southside, rather than the northside with which I am more familiar. 

Post concert (no pics allowed during)

Looking up, important for the acoustics)

Thor, or someone

Pegasus, my name means horse

Gonna fly now...

This chunky beefy meat sauce pasta is winning

Daylight ending at the train station

The concert was pleasant, computer game music (about which) know little nothing, but arranged with the richness of orchestral Leroy Anderson or John Williams-like show tunes, something I do know because it reminded me of playing in my orchestra back home in Brisbane. 

There was no explanation as to why the footpath was dotted with statues from Greek and Roman mythology but there you go, someone thought it was a good idea. 

[Camera : iPhone8 (yes, new, red, for those who notice these things), 4.29pm, 4.56pm-5.01pm, 5.36pm, 6.23pm; 4 May 2018]