Monday, 28 May 2018

Day 145/365: That long day, Friday...

...on yer bike

it doesn't seem like a week since we were last here, this early start, late finish, long day that is the Friday of term one. Up at 5.00am, out to the western suburbs campus, teach, dash to the bus, the train, fingers crossed there are no hold-ups (yes, it does happen on Tokyo's famed transport system), reach the eastern suburbs campus, grab lunch (or something imitating it), prepare classes and go at it again until 4.10pm. 

And then there were a couple of meetings after that. 

When term one ends in a couple of weeks time, it will just be a 'normal' Friday, without the rush across town, fingers crossed. 

A most intriguing wall of memorabilia

Steel blue

Abandoned 1

Over it

In the shadows

Until then...

[Camera : iPhone8, 8.22am, 7.41pm-7.55pm; 25 May 2018]