Sunday, 13 May 2018

Day 131/365: Does a stroll at night...

...count for two in the daytime?

And so that day went...where? Friday. It is the rushed day. It starts early with the 9.00am class out at Musashino, then the fingers-crossed rush across town, hope the trains run on time, dash to Ariake for a 1.00pm class. 

Well, it worked this time but the day is a long one. Classes right through until the end of the day.

So when it came time for a 'stroll' it was a night time one, with a failing battery...

Industrial chic lighting reflections

Brutalist art

A little shimmer

Odaiba, over there

Shimmering on the other side

with apologies to J Smart

Still, it is interesting to see the place at night. It is a different perspective. And I'm still no closer to understanding why they no longer light up the ferris wheel. More investigation needed. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 7.40pm-7.48pm; 11 May 2018]