Sunday, 13 May 2018

Day 129/365: From here to there...

...on the road to happiness

A cross-campus day today. Not that I'm 'cross' per se, It just means that I have reasons to be at our Ariake 'blue' campus this morning, before heading west to teach a class at our Musashino 'green' campus. 

It is part of a 'happiness' research and teaching program a few of us are involved in and the students, to their credit, attend the course as an option (though they do receive credit...). 

My turn in this role is to talk about happiness from an international relations theory perspective. 

Not much to be happy about in international relations you might think, but we have to remain optimistic. 

Drying up

Flash of green (at the blue campus)

Late classes have their own reward

Meanwhile, I detected patterns, on the ground. That too, is part of my work...

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 2.11pm, iPhone8, 9.27pm; 9 May 2018]