Sunday, 13 May 2018

Day 132/365: A little birdie forewarned I might be late...

...well, a little delayed for rehearsal

One of those mornings, not much happening. A bit of breakfast, a bit of favourite Saturday morning telly (about taking different train lines and getting off at random stops and exploring), a little bit of getting ready for rehearsal (like taking the instrument out of the case to practise)...when a telltale tweep tweep came from the window. 

That kind of 'hey, I'm over here, I'm hungry and I expect you to feed me' kind of tweep that you only hear from baby birds...only one thing to do, well two things: one, close the instrument case, there's not enough time anyway; and 2. grab the cam, the big cam with the 300mm lens...

...which is exactly what I did. There was bub, on the window sill of the next door neighbours but the parents were nowhere to be seen (though they were heard). I took a few pics, and waited. As you do. For a while, imagining some glorious pic of feeding frenzy. 

But no, time to be on the train on the way to the new* studio for rehearsal (*meaning one has to make extra time to find the new place...). Finish with the preparations to leave...

*Hear more irresistible tweeping*. Go to investigate...

I see you

Through a fly screen, not to startle

No fly screen is gonna scare me

Might be my better side

Or, here

That's a large beak you have

I'm not going anywhere...

...and you'll be late for rehearsal

The bub was not for moving, goodness knows how much longer I might have been able to stay to take more pics. The parents were flitting around, below the roofline, avoiding the lens, unlike their brave and inquisitive bub. Such a magic few moments. 

I made it to rehearsal on time, by the way...

And at the end of the day, I received a whole bag of tomatoes, from a woman on the bus to who I offered my seat...nice little exchange. And probably would have been today's highlight but for birdie.

Exchange of pleasantries

[Camera : Canon EOS 60D, 70-300mm, 12.48pm, 1.14pm-1.18pm; Phone8, 5.54pm, 12 May 2018]