Sunday, 20 May 2018

Day 140/365: A jazz break...

...and perfect weather

If I hadn't been hauling around a big bass clari case yesterday, even though I would have looked the part, I would have taken in more of the two-day Ikebukuro Jazz Festival. 

Ikebukuro, my main hub station, is considered the daggy, less glamorous hub of the Yamanote Line, always being made fun off (but often that 'we're actually kinda jealous kinda way'). 

There were probably thirty things I should have been doing today but when the daggy part of Tokyo can put on some 90 or so professional, amateur community bands and ensembles across nine stages all over the west side of the station (considered the dags of dagsville) well, what's more important than getting out to support your local community. 

So I did.

Gospel choir to start

Wonderful blue sky day

Solo break

Side on 


Team bass

Under the eye of the Ikebukuro Owl

KazBand 1

KazBand 2

Solo Bari

Solo tenor

Watching over



Alto star

Team Bass

LovePlovers, the name of the band, on debut today!

Fun Saxophonic Lab

Bari lead

Alto reply

All the brass

The sky stayed perfect

Ska sax

Ska rhythm

Ska keys

Ska bass

The Ska Juunctions


Scored a towel

And we are done

I love my bass clarinet. I really enjoy the group I'm a part of, playing every other Saturday. But I started my mid-life musical journey on saxophone, and seeing all the saxes and big bands (and little bands), well, I just might have to, you know, get back into it. One day. When I have the time.

Perfect day. 

Now, bring on tomorrow. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 2.17pm-6.21pm; 20 May 2018]