Sunday, 13 May 2018

Day 130/365: As clear as day...

...except for that grey bit

Thursday. Back to the frontline. Back to regular classes. And what a difference a day can make. Bright, sunny, with just a smidge of grey on the horizon. OK, more than a smidge, quite the blanket of grey really. I'd like to think it is not smog, but we work in a reasonably industrial part of town with a major domestic and international airport nearby. 

The quadrangle shadow

Clear as...clearish


Not lifting

It was also the first of the Ariake classes since the Golden Week break, and with the Constitution Day holiday in between, and as a dedicated politics lecturer, I'm keen to find out what students thought about it all. 

In the end, one class ended up in the uni cafe, to talk about politics. It is a strategy I use from time-to-time to get students out of 'classroom mode' and into an environment where they feel less constrained by the desks. It is quite amazing how those desks become physical and psychological barriers to conversation. And the key to understanding politics starts, after all, with conversation. 

Or so I like to think. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 3.28pm, 4.20pm; 10 May 2018]