Sunday, 11 September 2016

Day 255 2016: Never get between...

Day 255: academic and a secondhand book sale

Today was one of those days I should have exerted willpower...I should have stayed home and, I don't know, washed my hair or something. Or read a book or prepare a class...or sleep. Anything really. 

But no, having seen the ad for a big secondhand book sale a bit further up the train line, well, nothing, no-one, ever successfully stops an academic, particularly this secondhand book hunting-loving book tragic, from going into a book sale. (*declaration: I even once worked in a secondhand bookshop*)

There are treasures to be found.

And who know what you'll find that will give that little extra 'something' to some existing or future research project. It is work really. Part of the research detective work. Yes, work, that's how I justify it.

So off I went. 

And I returned, eventually. I thought I showed restraint, just fourteen a few books (there are limits to how much one can carry on a train or three) and only looking over about one-third of the wares available. 

The view from the eighth floor venue

sets of books

Wall hangings

Commemorative rock

The venue at ground floor level

A moment for reflection

The haul: history, feminism, philosophy, whaling, politics
...and an interesting exposition on what makes a person choose the musical instrument they do

Thing is, the tables were arranged by bookshop, rather than subject (like, say, our massive Lifeline book sales at home), so really, one will have to go again to search again. And again. 

Luckily for tragics, they do this four times a year...

I'll be back.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 5.22pm-5.34pm; 11 September 2016]