Friday, 23 September 2016

Day 267 2016: Same, same...

Day 267: ...but different

Friday. Morning. Same bat time. Same bat place. Same early batty time. Same batty batty weather. Rain. 

So, dear reader, you're expecting the same wet weather pics of the port, no? Yes? No?

No. Not today. Although everything lined up to offer much of the same, today, there was a short detour at lunchtime to catch up with a longtime friend and colleague who was involved in an event at the Tokyo Big Sight...the large convention centre near the uni that I've looked at from a bit of a distance over the last six months, but never really approached. 

Until today.

Under the 'big sight'




Stairway to ...?

Take a

Now there's a bit of familiar

Which came first, the tree? The structure?

This is...

...this, and I don't know why either.
Something for Bunnings perhaps

And it made me realise, I really should get out and about and explore my local (work) area a little more closely, and with the big cam too. There is quite a lot here in terms of urban landscape and architecture, which I do enjoy exploring with the lens.

Perhaps when there isn't quite so much on in terms of classes and meetings and...on it goes. 

One day. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 12.01pm-12.04pm, 12.46pm-12.51pm; 23 September 2016]