Saturday, 17 September 2016

Day 260 2016: Will it work?

Day 260: Can we do this?

Early start, 9.00am class, first class of the semester. I should be there on time. I just have to negotiate a 100min commute (or thereabouts) to get there. Not that I'm not used to such commutes but there is a little added pressure when you are responsible for the class. It is out the door by 6.40am (already 10 minutes later than planned). 

I've given this much thought overnight. I think I will move towards acting out the words on the the page, via the film released earlier this year, to give the students a visual, active rendering of the text. I've not really slept, not out of anxiety but more anticipation of what might be. Even after all these years, teaching can still do that to me.

Part of the issue will be availability of the text. When we ordered it earlier in the year, there were only four students there are 15. 

Anyway, I was looking for different angles when I arrived at work...

The park below...

...and found them. And as the day went on, worked my way back to things familiar...

A grey wheel 

Busy busy port

Little yellow on grey

Accidental shutter moment...

I've been anticipating this week's full moon too, should I carry the big cam? Can I get it with the little cam? It's all still a little bit cloudy, all round.

The moon and our 'monument'

Above the Ariake office space

There is still a lot of work to do but I'm sure we'll get through it. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 8.50am-8.51am, 11.02am, 1.59pm, 6.18pm, 7.18pm-7.28pm; 16 September 2016]