Thursday, 22 September 2016

Day 265 2016: Standing room only...

Day 265: ...despite the calm start

When you go to bed with the rain pelting against the window with those ambivalent feelings about that 6.00am email saying 'uni closed due to the typhoon' would be a welcome day away to work at home...but on the other hand, having done so much preparation (although there is always more one can do) I really want to defer classes for another week.

Not really. And by about 3.00am, it was pretty clear, on both senses, what that email was going to say. Yep, the all clear. Hi ho, hi ho, it was off to work come 6.00am...

And that was all very well except for the commute...there are the best of times (like Monday) and the worst of times (like today). Getting a seat on an early train is a great game of strategy, speed and assertiveness. Today, none of those worked for me. I failed to get a seat until the second last station on my line (something of a record I think) which meant standing for about 46 of the scheduled 53 minutes. Not a great mood maker...and for a course in 'Peace Studies', hehe.

And then there was the class, three hours of standing making the day a long one already by lunchtime.

No standing around the port today though...

Big crane at work

Crossing paths 

Peak ships

A hint of blue

All the movement

Full, erm, 'steam' ahead

See you later

At least my return trip home starts at the first station on the line, there's never any risk of not getting a seat. Ever. All. the. way. home. 

Oh, and the time passed OK in class, first class of the semester so a bit of room to move, but now I've got a good idea about how much (much) material I'll need to prepare.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.07pm-3.08pm, 3.42pm, 4.39pm-4.41pm; 21 September 2016]