Sunday, 25 September 2016

Day 269 2016: From old industrial...

Day 269: new modernity

Today was a day with a bit of a difference. I went just south of Tokyo to Kawasaki to see a classical music concert with a friend.

Now thirty or so years ago, if you'd said 'let's go to Kawasaki for a concert', one might have raised a sceptical eyebrow or both...

Kawasaki was, for decades, part of Japan's industrial heartland. Factories. Industry. Machines. Heavy heavy transport (and pollution). 

But probably not music.

Post-industry though, it is re-inventing itself and today, besides the classical concert (Berlioz's Faust, performed by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra) there were young people of all ages waiting in anticipation for there favourite bands to appear. 

The Mall

Waiting for a band

Umbrellas (at which point, I found out we weren't supposed to take photos [??])

Architectural feel

The venue

The Symphony Hall



Architectural style 

Another angle


Candid station pic 1

Candid station pic 2

One the way to the concert

Random station pic 1

Random station pic 2

Music and architecture. Not a bad day out away from the books. All ready for tomorrow. (Although I was encouraged to get back to my clarinet playing, and soon.)

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 12.01pm-12.35pm; 25 September 2016]