Saturday, 24 September 2016

Day 268 2016: There's a theme developing here...

Day 268: ...quite accidentally on purpose...

As it happens some days. On my way to work on an overcast day full of rain potential, walking to the bus stop, I noticed a bit of a pattern...

See if you see it...

I know, it's not supposed to be there

Nor is this one

These definitely shouldn't be here

I think this is supposed to be here

And these are thriving in the rain

Greenery against stark background. (OK, except for the one in the middle, and the last one, but you get the picture...) [*apologises profusely for pun]

No, some days I don't know the hows and whys of the pictures either. 

Suffice to say that by lunchtime, it was raining again and I finished the day with some shopping in the rain, including a pair of shoes, and although a pair in my size wasn't available in the shop, there was a pair in the warehouse so they will be delivered to home on no extra charge. Japan.

One theme that is well-developed is the rain. We are wondering if it will ever ever go away.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

[Camera : iPhone 6s, 9.38am, 9.40am, 9.45am, 3.14pm, 3.15pm; 24 September 2016]