Thursday, 22 September 2016

Day 263 2016: Looking out...

Day 263: ...comfortably seated

There is a typhoon on the way. That is apparent. It is wet outside, great weather for ducks, not quite so for commuters. 

Nonetheless, today is a public holiday, 'respect for the aged' day but, as is the way with my employer, we have classes scheduled as usual. This means that the upside of a rainy commute is there is a greater likelihood of getting a seat early on in the 50 minute journey.

Which I did. Right from the start. 

Although I didn't have classes (mine are on Tuesday to Friday), I still had fine-tuning to do for the first of my lecture course (as opposed to tutes and seminars until now).

And a few opportunities to keep an eye on things outside...including a bit of an emergency response...

Patterns under the bridge

Out in a hurry...


And back, a few hours later, emergency averted?

There remains that element of anticipation and anxiety in equal parts as I prepare for the lecture, three hours in total...wondering if I have enough material, on balance, to make the class interesting. 

I guess we'll find out Wednesday. At least for now, I'm sitting comfortably. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 1.01pm, 3.54pm-3.55pm, 5.08pm; 19 September 2016]