Monday, 26 September 2016

Day 270 2016: Observing the dock on the Bay...

Day 270: ...and far far away

That rain we were wishing away last week has temporarily evaporated. In its place, mid-summer temperatures and similarly high humidity. And just when I was getting used to putting on warmer clothes.

Not that I'm complaining. Of course.

Monday is not a teaching day but a major preparation day for the forthcoming three 9.00am start classes and a few others. This week too, I have a major research presentation to make in front of colleagues, the first one I've had to do here. 

So there is not much time to look up from the desk, although one should. And mostly, each time I did, it was the movement on the water that caught my eye...

Wake... rippling effect

It seemed to be floating the haze at times

Water taxi jr

Racing to the end

To a sudden calm and stillness

I sometimes imagine, in a far off place and time, I might put down the camera and pick up some paint brushes to try and paint what I see in these almost abstract, almost subject-free images. To paint the stillness. To capture the colour...

But that time is far far away. For now, it will have to be the click of the shutter that captures my imagination. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 12.26pm, 2.53pm, 3.56pm, 4.31pm, 5.01pm; 26 September 2016]