Sunday, 14 January 2018

Day 12/365: Seeing patterns here...

...and almost snow

Is that smoke, or just getting up a head of steam? The industrial stacks visible from the office window stand out some days, other days barely raise a ripple (some of my classes can be like that, but that's a story for another day). 

They can act a bit like a weather vane too, showing us which way the breeze is blowing. Doesn't show us how cold it is though. And today was a cold one, so cold in fact, I expected the late afternoon clouds to offer a few flakes of snow just on commuting time...

Eye on the clouds


Wake - up

Light on the stacks

Later in the day

Sunset clouds with wheel

and perhaps a little snow on the way didn't quite reach that point in the end, but it felt like it. The snow in Tokyo can't be too far away now. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 9.54am, 3.52pm, 4.58pm, 5.04pm; 12 January 2018]