Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Day 29/365: Take a walk...

...count the ducks

I mentioned a little while ago, maybe just last week, it all seems like a blur now, that I was hoping the new cam, the EOS M5, with a shorter focal length, was going to force me outside a bit more, take a walk, get some fresh (and we mean *fresh* in this weather) air during a lunch break. 

Well, today, that finally happened. With the last lecture done for Japanese politics, and having been cooped up all day yesterday and with the ducks all in a row (literally, on the water, I could see them from my office) I decided no time like the present to put promise into practice. And off I went. 

And there were plenty of ducks around, the light was that sort of 'just right to be atmospheric' sort of light...

Morning port

Ducks afloat

Just on case; not for decoration

Follow me

All the king's horses...all fall down



Flocked together



Formation floating

Wheely ducks

It is not going anywhere soon

...and snow. There is still some snow around. And more on the way! 

A good walk. A good idea. I should do it more often.

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 8.48am, 3.29pm-3.36pm; 29 January 2018]