Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Day 22/365: They said it would happen...

...and it did

Snow. Lots of it. Indeed, as the day proceeded, the weather forecasts kept getting updated. Light snow fro a couple of hours around lunchtime; no wait, a bit more until about 2.00pm; erm, approaching 12cm...

By 4.00pm, our university was cancelling afternoon classes and advising students to return home. And it just kept falling outside. 

Of course, the best way to distract a Queenslander from her work is to just let it snow and keep on snowing outside there, with a view from the office...and of course it was my duty to send pics home to a sweltering Brisbane, so I did. 

Snow incoming

Flake spotting

Snow falling

Moar snow

Footsteps on the quadrangle






Snow garden

Church spire

Tracks on the road

Up these stairs, towards the station

The Boulevard 

Snow bikes

Waiting for the bus

Now the 4.30pm return home warning was directed at students only. I wasn't really sure what it meant for staff. I suppose they figured we could judge for ourselves. By about 5.30pm, the authorities (outside the university) were advising anyone who could to return home as soon as possible. I took that to mean me...so I did. 

It was a long trip home, people diverted from other train lines to the relative safety of my subway line. And then at the other end, waiting for a bus (if ever it were to arrive) in a line of about 70 people was a small test of patience. All the shops had shut by then too...must have been pretty serious. 

But it was so pretty...

All seventy of us got onto that bus, somehow, and somehow the driver got us to our respective stops along the way while driving along snow-covered roads. God on you bussie!

Classes tomorrow? We're not sure yet, we have to check the website in the morning. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5,  1.12pm-4.22pm; iPhone6s, 5.51pm-5.54pm, 7.42pm; 22 January 2018]