Sunday, 14 January 2018

Day 14/365: Refracted through a new lens...


This weekend sees the national entrance exams for universities and high school students all around the country have sat at selected universities yesterday and today, hoping all their study will pay off with a place at university, starting April. My university was one of the selected exam sites which put me in the odd position of not being able to  go to campus to prepare this week's classes as is my wont (some might say that is a good thing). Still, with classes first thing Monday (just three weeks to go) it is my preferred back up plan...

So, after a morning and early afternoon working at home, time to step out into the the fresh, really fresh (about 4 deg C fresh) air. Off to Ikebukuro to get some photos of the SunCoast beaches enlarged for the office wall. That was the plan.

Waiting for the train to go

Still waiting

Ikebukuro neons


Tokyo Theatre

Waiting for trains (again)

The photos were enlarged, but somewhere in between ordering and then waiting for them to be printed, I was persuaded to consider a new camera. My everyday workhorse, the little Lumix, is a little tired and I've been pondering a leap into mirrorless cams for a while. 

And I have now leapt, as it were. Let's see what develops.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 4.32pm, 6.54pm-6.55pm, 7.13pm; 14 January 2018]